ATani 4.3.3

Animated file creator with built in editor

Atani is an easy-to-use creator of animated files (GIF and AVI) with built-in frame's editor. Creation only requires five steps. There are embedded tools: frame's editor, creating of AVI or GIF via capture and AVI viewer.

Key features of the program:

  • Creating of AVI and animated GIF files
  • Built-in the frames editor
  • Preview
  • Testing of animated GIF with the help Internet Explorer
  • Converting an AVI file into animated GIF file
  • Saving only selected frames of an AVI file into animated GIF file or AVI file
  • Changing of a codec for an AVI file
  • For making of frame is used the following file's formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, ICO, PNG
  • Adding of a sound (for AVI)
  • Creating of a GIF or AVI file via capturing by a user of a selected part of the Screen
  • Creating of an animated GIF with tween effect for three steps
  • Preview for every frame of AVI file with possibility of saving (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG)
  • There is the support of hotkeys
  • The settings is stored into project file with the MCP extension
  • The MCP extension is registered in OS Windows that allow to load the project files in this program from Explorer by double-click

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ATani 4.3.3